There Is A Simple Solution For The Short-Sleeve Jerseys NBA Player's Hate

After his horrible shooting performance in a loss to the Spurs, LeBron James once again complained about the NBA’s short-sleeve jerseys and he wasn’t alone.

Several other members of the Heat and Spurs complained about the jerseys, including Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Manu Ginobli.

But while some of the NBA’s biggest stars hate the new jerseys, they all have the same complaint. As a result, there is an obvious solution that would allow the NBA to keep using sleeved jerseys.

Simply put, the jerseys are too tight and need to be bigger.

LeBron thinks they are too tight: “I can’t shoot with these!”

Ginobli thinks they are too tight: “I got a bigger size…In the morning, I went to shoot and I felt it was a little tight.”

Kawhi Leonard thinks they are too tight: “I don’t like the sleeve jerseys, either…Just felt a little tight.”

Beno Udrih thinks they are too tight: “Personally [the short-sleeved jersey] bothered me & my shot. On a normal shot Im used 2 getting my shoulder & elbow up [unhindered]”

Even Mark Cuban thinks they are too tight: “Cuban said he thinks the short-sleeved jerseys still will sell but that a lot of fans will be turned off by the tight fit.”

The NBA faced a similar situation during the 2005-06 season when they introduced a new non-leather basketball. Players complained vehemently about the new ball and the league was forced to switch back to the leather ball mid-season.

In this case, the NBA can keep the jerseys. But for the sake of the players and the fans, they need to be bigger.

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