The NBA Season Is Not Going To Start On Time

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Photo: AP

NBA training camps are scheduled to open in less than three weeks, but with labour talks stalled, it’s increasingly unlikely that will happen as planned.Union leader (and Laker guard) Derek Fisher said as much after leaving the last bargaining session this week.

There’s been almost zero progress made on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement since the owners locked out the players on July 1.

Training camps are set to to open October 3, with games starting on November 1.

Making matter worse: Several powerful NBA agents are pushing for decertification of the union, a questionable strategy that the NFL union employed immediately before being locked out by their owners.

The decertification was challenged in court, but because the NFL’s CBA was settled before the lawsuits, the strategy was never tested under the laws. If this fight goes before a judge, the tactic could be ruled illegal and backfire on the NBA players.

Since the NBA season starts in heart of football season (and as the baseball playoff are wrapping up), few people are going to notice (or care) if the interminable campaign starts a little late. They may not even realise there’s no basketball until after the Super Bowl.

Either way, a shortened or compressed season is all but inevitable at this stage.

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