SHOWTIME: Here's How NBA Players Reacted To The End Of The Lockout On Twitter

Lebron James

Photo: Reuters

In case you hadn’t heard, the NBA lockout is over – almost.Only a majority vote by players and owners stands in the way of an NBA season beginning Christmas Day. At this point, it’s believed approval by both sides is merely a formality.

But this announcement didn’t take place until 3:40 am Friday morning. A time in which most were fast asleep.

So one can only imagine the reactions of NBA players as they arose from their deep sleep Friday morning to missed calls, texts, and tweets announcing they can go back to work in less than a month.

Fortunately, there’s Twitter.

Which means we were all privy to their (mostly) enjoyable initial responses.

Carmelo Anthony

Let the exclamation marks commence!!!!!!!

Andrew Bogut

And the elongation of wordssssss!

Stephen Curry

Give Curry this: he makes great use of the space provided.

Eric Maynor

Improper spelling. lol

Terrence Williams

He's either thrilled the lockout is over or preparing for a Slim Jim commercial.

Anthony Morrow

Not sure what this means. We just couldn't refuse to leave out @BlackBoiPachino from the conversation.

Kevin Durant

Hide ya mums! Hide ya grandmas! A well-dressed KD is coming to wake them up!

Jamal Crawford

So is the amount of money this never-turns-down-a-shot guard is about to make in free agency.

Blake Griffin

Truth be told, MJ did everything he could to keep that basketball for himself.

Deron Williams

Nets fans everywhere are disappointed Williams' Turkey experience didn't make him miss New Jersey more.

Kevin Love


Ty Lawson

Teach me how!

Justin Hamilton

We are extremely happy for Justin. But we also apologise for breaking the news that his girlfriend is cheating on him with over 400 other men.

Brian Cardinal

When 'The Janitor' dreams, good things happen.

Dwyane Wade

Umm...but it wasn't. The lockout was real. Unless, of course, he's referring to Brian Cardinal.

Chris Kaman

Basketball and venison? Clippers' teammates couldn't be happier.

Roger Mason

Kudos to Mason for working in the meme of lockout reporters everywhere.

LeBron James

...what? LeBron fails to finish again.

Kris Humphries

Because if anybody needs 'great news' these days, it's Humphries. Look - he's been in such a daze he can't even spell correctly.

Danny Granger

Whoa. Thanks Danny Downer.

Jason Richardson

And Joyless Jason.

The details of what these (mostly) thrilled players will vote on are out.

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