NBA Players Might Wear Bizarre 'Nickname' Jerseys In 2013

The Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets may wear “nickname jerseys” when they play each other next season, according to ESPN.

The NBA asked players to submit what name they would like printed on their jerseys this offseason.

In recent years, the league has done several different types of promotional experiments with its jerseys to connect with fans and offer something different on a nightly basis.

Nicknames on jerseys will be an interesting gimmick, especially with the Heat and Nets. Both teams have high profile stars with popular nicknames .

If the plan does go through, we might see Lebron sporting “King James,” Dwyane Wade with “Flash,” Paul Pierce “The Truth,” and Kevin Garnett “The Big Ticket,” among others.

It would be a bizarre spectacle to say the least. The fans might enjoy it but TNT’s Steve Kerr doesn’t seem like he’s a fan.

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