24 Outrageous Outfits From NBA Players That Put Justin Bieber To Shame

russell westbrook omg shirt

Justin Bieber’s outfit at last night’s Heat game sent people into a tizzy.

It was intentionally outrageous.

But it wasn’t as outrageous as what NBA players like LeBron, Wade, and Westbrook wear every night.

The ridiculousness of NBA fashion is miles ahead of Bieber right now.

Russell Westbrook's leather button-up

Source: @cjzero

Westbrook's sleeveless sweater with a gold chain

Source: @cjzero

Amar'e Stoudemire's cut-off jean jacket and sunglasses

Source: @cjzero

Dwyane Wade's Versace flower jacket

Source: @cjzero

Wade's all-orange outfit

Source: @cjzero

LeBron's flower sweater

Carmelo Anthony's military-inspired attire

Tyson Chandler's boots

Westbrook's pork-pie hat

Iman Shumpert's belted American Flag jacket

Wade's pink pants

Westbrook's safari-themed pants with a tan jacket

Nick Young's hippie shirt

Wade's fuchsia suit

Source: @cjzero

Westbrook's blue pants and a shirt with glasses on them

LeBron's leather shirt and indoor sunglasses

Wade's solid-gold bow tie

Westbrook's leopard-print shirt and spiked shoes

Rajon Rondo with a striped jacket

Wade's gold-trimmed jacket

Paul George's all-green ensemble

Shumpert's oversized bow tie

Source: @cjzero

Chris Paul's green jacket, green tie combo

Source: @cjzero

Chris Bosh's pink suit

Source: @cjzero

Step it up, Bieber

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