Report: NBA is on the verge of a new CBA and avoiding a possible lockout

The NBA and the NBA players union are optimistic that they will agree upon a new collective bargaining agreement in “several weeks” and avoid a lockout in 2017, according to a report from Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The two sides have reportedly made “significant progress” toward a new CBA, and the league and the players union have already ironed out several big issues, leaving only smaller issues to discuss.

The two sides have until December 15 to decide to opt in or out of the current CBA, but expect to complete a new deal before that date, according to Wojnarowski.

The news comes as a surprise because many felt that the two sides were headed toward a lockout. One major issue was the rising salary cap, which jumped from $70 million in 2015-16 to $94 million in 2016-17, thanks to a new TV deal. This led to the highest-spending free agency period in league history and also afforded the Golden State Warriors the opportunity to sign Kevin Durant, which many feel has unfairly shifted the competitive balance.

There had been other quarrels, mainly about money-related issues, and although there was optimism that a lockout might not cost actual games in the 2017-18 season, many felt the two sides would at least have to negotiate a new deal.

A new CBA isn’t done yet, and things can change quickly. But if the two sides have already laid most of the groundwork for a new deal, NBA fans can rejoice.

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