The King Of The Basketball Has Nothing To Say About The Lockout

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan has a unique perspective in the NBA labour negotiations as a former player and current owner. But so far, Jordan appears to be watching the negotiations from afar.

If there was one person that would seem like a logical choice to bring the two sides together, it would be Jordan. But as games are being canceled, and with a meeting scheduled next week with a Federal mediator, Jordan has been largely silent.

But Jordan is also in a difficult position. As a player, Jordan benefitted from the system the owners are trying to blow up making more than $60 million in salary in his final two seasons with the Chicago Bulls. Jordan is also the owner of a small-market team, and has spoken publicly about wanting more revenue sharing in the NBA, something the players’ union is in favour of.

Further complicating matters is Jordan’s friendship with many of the players in the league. It is possible that his presence at the negotiating tables could be looked at as a conflict of interest. Or maybe other owners just don’t trust him to be partial towards the owners’ needs and wants.

Whatever the reasoning, the longer the NBA lockout lingers, the more the NBA and its fans will need the sports most recognisable face to get involved.

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