The Prolonged NBA Lockout Has Led To Some Interesting Off-Season Opportunities For Players

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Barring a miraculous federal mediator solving the NBA’s problems in a matter of days, the NBA lockout will continue.It’s been four months. We’re past the 100-day mark.

The looonnnnggg break means one thing for NBA players (other than lighter pockets) – a lot of free time.

So how are they spending it?

Everyone’s finding unique ways to keep in basketball shape. But many are also trying out their acting chops. Some are working on their rap game. And others have actually taken up internships.

Players have played ball overseas

Derrick Rose and Kobe Bryant have already barnstormed the world...together.

Scores of other players have signed or are in the process of signing contracts with foreign teams, including names like Deron Williams, with Turkey's Besiktas.

And Bryant continues to be in an on-again, off-again discussion to play in Italy.

They've also dominated the playground scene

For those unwilling to leave the country, rec leagues and playgrounds proved just fine.

Kevin Durant became a Youtube sensation, again, with this 66-point performance at Rucker Park. For one night, he really was THE BEST!

LeBron James miraculously found fans outside Miami with his Drew League performance. Maybe he should stick to this no-headband thing. That, or the not playing against Dirk thing.

Even guys like John Lucas III, George Hill and Gary Forbes (13 3-pointers, 78 points!) stunned Summer patrons.

Nene worked on his soccer game

And then there are those players stepping away from the court.

Like 6-11 centre, Nene. The Brazilian native is going back to his roots, trading in kicks for cleats.

I hear Nene features a heck of a header. He makes Oguchi Onyewu look small.

Kevin Love took to the beach volleyball court

John Wall returned to school

Blake Griffin and others received a different type of education

Andre Iguodala learned how to better take care of his money by spending time at Merrill Lynch.

Brandon Jennings received the official title of 'Curator of Cool' in an internship at Under Armour. Although I'm not sure you can call his time at UA an 'internship' if he's already getting paid money to endorse the company's products.

Meanwhile Blake Griffin has starred in multiple hilarious videos while working with the people from Funny Or Die.

We've already documented his potential foray into the world of home improvement.

When that didn't work, West apparently applied for a job at Regency furniture.

And was hired!

Shaquille O'Neal studied to become a film director

Some NBA stars hit the acting circuit

NBC may be struggling in the ratings, but not when it comes to acquiring NBA talent for their television programs.

NBA superstars Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh joined 'Law and Order: SVU.'

And Roy Hibbert showed off his comedic talents on 'Parks and Recreation.'

And some worked on their rap game

Brandon Bass has billion dollar dreams. Which is why all he does is ball. Except right now.

Stephen Jackson made a much less impressive attempt to produce a rap video. But it included a lot of jewelry and money.

Drew Gooden became a restraunteur

Why own one chicken wings restaurant when you can own four?

Gooden signed a multi-franchise agreement with Wingstop, the hot wings restaurant chain. He plans to open four locations in Orlando over the next few years.

Derek Fisher attempts to lead an entire union

The Lakers guard is in double duty, acting as the president of the NBA players' union. When he's not spending every night and every day figuring out a solution to the lockout, he's orchestrating Twitter campaigns to illustrate player unity.

LeBron James went to see his Liverpool team in action

LeBron signed an agreement earlier this year to become a minority owner in the Premier League's Liverpool FC.

He took a trip across the pond in October to see his team in action.

Kevin Durant did....everything

Durant's been everywhere this offseason.

In addition to lighting up playgrounds everywhere, he produced a series of short documentaries, the '35th Hour'; starred in a movie, 'Switch;' and found time to rap at a party with teammate, Russell Westbrook.

There are/were some great NBA stories this season

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