Here Are The Smartest, Angriest And Most Ridiculous Things That Locked-Out NBA Players Tweeted Last Night

baron davis

Photo: AP

The NBA officially cancelled the first two weeks of the regular season last night.The owners and players remain very far apart on most issues. So it looks like this one will drag on for months.

After the announcement, NBA players took to Twitter voice their frustrations.

Steve Nash led the way with some insightful, passionate tweets.

Others (looking at you, Metta World Peace) were not as serious.

Carmelo Anthony was angry (New York Knicks)

Andrew Bogut wasn't booking a flight back to the States just yet (Milwaukee Bucks)

Dwyane Wade called out Davis Stern (Miami Heat)

Brian Cardinal found the whole thing ridiculous (Dallas Mavericks)

Kevin Durant deferred to...Gabrielle Union? (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Metta World Peace may have missed the memo (Los Angeles Lakers)

Lou Williams warmed his Maserati (Philadelphia 76ers)

Steve Nash's tweets were feverishly retweeted by other players (Phoenix Suns)

More Nash

He concluded with the #standunited hashtag

Brandon Jennings defered to Nash (Milwaukee Bucks)

LeBron pandered to the fans (Miami Heat)

Roger Mason tried to set the record straight about who was to blame (New York Knicks)

Kevin Love repeated the post popular refrain (Minnesota T-Wolves)

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