You'll Never Believe How Much Money NBA Players Are Losing Today

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Photo: Flickr/Keith Allison

It’s November 15. Any other year, this would be the conclusion of the first two weeks of the NBA season.And payday for NBA players.

Except there has been no NBA season as of yet and, therefore, there are no paychecks to hand out.

Players hadn’t been affected financially until today. And it will hurt. Because owners would have handed out some pretty large paychecks, especially to the league’s highest paid players.

Whether you follow the NBA closely or not, prepare to be shocked by the amount of money the ongoing lockout will cost Rashard Lewis and Gilbert Arenas every two weeks.

(thanks to @Darren Rovell and HoopsHype for numbers)

Joe Johnson - $751,606 lost

Amar'e Stoudemire - $759,070 lost

Carmelo Anthony - $771,665 lost

Pau Gasol - $779,755 lost

Dirk Nowitzki - $795,535 lost

Gilbert Arenas - $802,886 lost

Kevin Garnett - $883,332 lost

Tim Duncan - $887,499 lost

Rashard Lewis - $922,998 lost

Kobe Bryant - $1,051,832 lost

Yet there is no end in sight to the NBA lockout.

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