This Is What We Will Miss This Season If The NBA Lockout Continues

Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin

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The 2012 NBA season has finally felt the lockout’s wrath.The entire preseason has been canceled. And unless a deal is reached by Oct. 10, according to commissioner David Stern, regular season games will be missed.

The Dallas Mavericks championship celebration concluded the greatest post-Jordan NBA season by nearly every measurement imaginable. Everyone loses if the NBA deprives fans of a single game.

But what happens if the NBA loses a month? Half a season? Or (gasp) the entire year?

Fans will be robbed of many fantastic storylines.

Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks' title defence

Dirk Nowitzki waited a long time for his ring. And without a season opener, how much longer will he have to wait to actually receive it? Or at least defend his title? Plus, life is always more exciting when Mark Cuban is in involved.

The development of some exciting young teams

The league boasts some young and hungry teams with visions of taking the Mavericks and the old guard down. The Chicago Bulls, Oklahoma City Thunder and Memphis Grizzlies are all youth-filled rosters on the rise. The development of these teams' chemistry over an entire season is worth watching.

The last stand for established, veteran-laden teams

For some organisations, 2012 could be the last hurrah. Franchises like the Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers are comprised of veterans built to win now. These teams may have a couple years at best remaining before their stars' collective knees give out and are forced into a rebuilding mode.

The end of an era for many veteran players

Veteran teams are made up of veteran players. And the NBA is on the verge of losing some of its all-time greats. Kobe Bryant. Kevin Garnett. Tim Duncan. Steve Nash. Ray Allen. These players are all on the wrong side of 30. A lost season could spell the end of many veterans' careers and preserve many of basketball's hallowed records.

A fun-filled year of the NBA's young guns

The NBA's pool of talent-rich youth is as plentiful as ever. Kevin Durant. Derrick Rose. Blake Griffin. The list of high-flying, athletically-awing youngsters is endless. To miss a year of their electric highlights would be devastating.

The Miami Heat

The New York Knicks

The Knicks may not have the same clout as the Heat. But their drama is just as fascinating. Can Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire coexist for an entire season? Will they get in a bidding war for Chris Paul -- and form Miami Heat Lite? And how will owner James Dolan screw up next?

The Nets last games in New Jersey

Poor New Jerseyans. First, your team is sold and moved out of state (albeit not far away). And now you may not even get to enjoy the team's last hurrah. There really isn't much upside here. Especially if you like looking at Kim Kardashian.

A season of endless Chris Paul trade rumours

How much fun was the yearlong Carmelo Anthony drama last season? NBA -- and, especially, New York -- fans may miss out on a chance to experience it all over again with Chris Paul. CP3 is in the final season of his contract and the chance of him remaining in New Orleans is slim. Will the Hornets take their chances? Or will they dangle the point guard as trade bait the entire season?

Anything Metta World Peace does

Jeff and Stan. The Van Gundy brothers

Basketball's favourite siblings aren't the Lopez Brothers, and certainly not the Collins twins. It's Jeff and Stan. Jeff, the opinionated former coach and ABC analyst, is always a must-listen. Sundays wouldn't be the same without Jeff going off on some tangent about a celebrity relationship or lambasting an unsuspecting fan in the crowd. And what would we do without Stan's constant nagging? Basketball fans need more t-shirt-suit jacket combos in their lives.

Basketball stars are finding ways to fill their free time.

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