INFOGRAPHIC: How The NBA Lockout Is Killing Businesses

nba lockout infographic


The NBA lockout a bummer for a fans, but a back-breaker for businesses.Jane Hendrick put together a nifty infographic for G+ on who the lockout is hurting, and how badly.

It’s pretty concise, and does a nice job illustrating the collateral damage of the dispute.

The NBA lockout, where nobody scores and everybody loses. Let's take a look at how bad...

Here are the five players who are losing the most: more than $1.5 million per bi-weekly paycheck

Cities are getting hammered too, especially small ones where NBA teams have a huge impact on the local economy

Resturanteurs are taking a hit. The owner of a burger joint in Utah says his revenue will be down 25-30%

The big boys are getting slammed too. Nike, adidas, and others can say goodbye to $500 million in sneaker sales

It's official, the TV networks are getting hit the hardest with lost ad revenue

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