The 12 best dunks from the best NBA dunk contest in years

Zach LaVine repeated as the NBA dunk contest champion, but thanks to some spectacular dunks by both LaVine and Aaron Gordon, it was a dunk contest for the ages.

By the end of the contest, many were calling for co-champions in a contest that was reminiscent of the Michael Jordan-Dominique Wilkins dunk contest back in 1988. That is, this one was spectacular and we were all winners.

Below, we recap the 12 best dunks of the night.

Aaron Gordon made it clear early on that this was not going to be easy for Zach LaVine.

But LaVine brought his A-game.

This one took several takes, but Steve Nash's assist was still sweet.

Uh oh, Gordon brought out a mascot and it was game on.

But LaVine went old school with a twist, the free throw line alley-oop.

As others mentioned, LaVine won, but Gordon's dunks are the ones we'll remember.

Before the contest, Chris Paul Jr. put on an aerial display.

Let's check in with Dikembe Mutombo.

The mascot again. Look at how high Gordon gets.

By this point, everybody was calling for a tie.

Fly, Gordon, fly!

On many of these dunks, you need to see the replay to truly appreciate what happened.

Stop it!

It wasn't his best dunk of the night, but LaVine only needed a 48 on this one and he got it to repeat as champion.

Now check out what the all-stars looked like when they were just starting out.

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