The 7 Worst Picks Of The NBA Draft

terrence ross at the nba draft

Photo: ESPN

1. Dion Waiters (Cavs, #4): Waiters never started a game in college, was projected in the late-teens, early-20s as recently as May, and can’t shoot all that well.He can definitely develop into a solid bench-scorer and energy guy. But when you draft in the top 5, you’re looking for a guy who can at least be a key component on a contender. There were much better options on the board.

2. Maurice Harkless (Sixers, #15): He is a perfectly reasonable player to pick in the mid-teens. But almost EVERYONE on the Sixers is the exact same player as Harkless — a tweener swingman who can run the floor, take it to the basket, guard multiple positions, and not shoot a lick.

Unless they’re going to trade Iguodala and/or Thaddeus Young, this makes no sense.

3. Austin Rivers (Hornets, #10): Rivers has the potential to be really good, but he doesn’t quite fit on New Orleans’ roster. Even though he played point guard at Duke, Rivers is a true shooting guard, meaning he plays the same position as Eric Gordon — who the Hornets are ostensibly building around at this point.

4. Miles Plumlee (Pacers, #26): Plumlee is a great athlete, but he was incredibly unproductive at Duke. He can give Indy defence and rebounding, but they already have plenty of that. Plumlee has two basketball-playing brothers, and he’s widely regarded as the worst of them.

5. Tomas Satoransky (Wizards, #32): Guys like Quincy Miller and Doron Lamb were still there, so it’s curious that the Wizards would pull a draft-and-stash with the Czech player. Washington is trying to win right away (hence the Ariza/Okafor trade), and they could have used an additional bench player that could come in and produce right away.

6. Tyler Zeller (Cavs, #17): Zeller’s fine, but Cleveland had to trade a bunch of picks to get him. Considering they already have Anderson Varejao and Tristan Thompson down low, they weren’t getting much value here.

7. Terrence Ross (Raptors, #8): Again, Ross is a fine player. But Toronto probably could have moved back into the early-teens and still drafted him. People had him projected to go 10 picks later than he did, and Toronto probably could have gotten creative and got an additional pick while still grabbing Ross.

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