UPDATE: Despite Claims, Delonte West Was Never Banned From The White House

Delonte West

[credit provider=”AP Images”]

The Dallas Mavericks will visit President Barack Obama today to celebrate their first-ever NBA championship. But they will have to do it without Delonte West, who is banned from the White House.West told Dwain Price of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that he is “banned from going to the White House,” saying that is what happens “when you make bad decisions in your life.” West was convicted in 2010 of a gun charge related to a traffic stop in 2009.

Ironically, West, who grew up in D.C., says it is ok, noting that he has been to the White House “100 times.”

Of course, the Mavs visit wouldn’t even be happening if not for Mark Cuban making the arrangements himself. The Mavs are not scheduled to play a game in D.C. this season, and Cuban wondered aloud how the league “could be that stupid.”


ABC News is reporting (via The Dallas Morning News) that the secret service is now denying that West was ever banned.

“The individual in question was never someone that would not be permitted to attend the event today,” Secret Service agent Edwin Donovan said. “He is on the list for entry today and was never advised otherwise to my knowledge. “

Of course, the next question is, why would West lie about being banned? Did he just not want to go?