NBA Commissioner Says It Is Unfair To Compare LeBron James To Tiger Woods, And He's Absolutely Right

LeBron James and ESPN

Photo: ESPN

NBA commissioner David Stern went on WFAN with Mike Francessa yesterday and spoke about the status of LeBron James as a villain and the comparisons to Tiger Woods. And while the commissioner admits “The Decision” was a bad decision, he thinks the comparisons are not fair (via…“He did something that he probably wishes he hadn’t done. He did ‘the decision.’ All right, that made him ‘the villain’ and you’re comparing him to Tiger Woods? The media falls too easily into the good guy-bad guy…He carried a large burden, but he wasn’t a villain. He’s a good kid and a spectacular athlete, and now all of a sudden everybody’s running out to say, ‘Oh, now he’s got the monkey off his back, he’s not a great guy.’ He always was a great guy — he just made a mistake by doing ‘the decision.’

Was “The Decision” uncomfortable and ill-conceived? Probably. Was it narcissistic? Maybe. But when Tiger was a jerk towards fellow golfers, fans, the media, and then cheated on his wife, he didn’t raise $2 million for Boys and Girls Clubs like LeBron did with “The Decision.”

The commissioner is correct. To say that “The Decision” is worthy of placing LeBron on the same level as Woods is silly.

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