Billy Hunter: David Stern Promised Me A Lockout Three Years Ago!

Billy Hunter NBA Players Association

Photo: AP

The NBA lockout is officially ugly now that the league has canceled the first two weeks of the season.It appears that the two sides are divided on three key issues: 1) how to split the revenue; 2) luxury tax; and 3) length of contracts.

Yesterday, head of the players’ union, Billy Hunter, went on “Mic’d Up” with Mike Francessa for a one-on-one sit down to discuss where the players are coming from, what Hunter thinks the owners are up to, whether the fans should have any hope for a 2011-12 NBA season, and when David Stern decided to lock out the players…

On whether the NBA owners are as poor as they claim:

On what he thinks is holding up negotiations:

The big bombshell!

On the owners' insistence of a hard salary cap:

Whether the luxury tax is really a soft cap:

Hunter explains what he he really wants the owners to do:

On why a hard cap is not fair even if per cent of revenue is the same:

Does he think the owners are out to kill the season:

On the goal of the owners:

On the owners next step:

On what the owners ultimately want:

On the players going overseas during lockout:

Is Hunter too nice to be head of the players' union:

Is there hope?

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