Everything You Missed From The NBA All-Star Game While You Were Watching The Oscars

Photo: TNT

Considering the NBA season got off to a horrible start thanks to a lockout, things have been going pretty well. But then they went and scheduled the All-Star game head-to-head with the Academy Awards.So what did you miss? A lot of dunks. A lot of music. And a game that had less defence than a playground game. But in the end, the game was actually close and for some strange reason, with about 30 seconds left, the players started to care who won.

Of course, an All-Star game in Orlando is going to be bright and colourful

But inside the arena, it was, umm, blue

Right off the bat we get this bizarre interview with Lil Wayne in which it took him several minutes to predict who would win the MVP award

The first celeb TNT shows us is...Jesse Jackson?

Nicki Manaj so soon after the Grammys?

If you had trouble finding something to watch on TV last night, there was the rerun of the NBA D-League All-Star game

Holy Star Trek warm-ups Batman!

The NBA, where massages come before you work

Pre-game hamburger? check.

Ahh, the awkward pre-game-speech-thanking-the-hometown-fans by hometown soon-to-be-traded-star Dwight Howard

But later, after snubbing the Magic owner earlier this season, Howard made sure to get some screen time with Richard DeVos

This might be the most conservative suit Craig Sager has ever worn

Biggest upset of the night was Spike Lee not wearing a Jeremy Lin jersey

Thanks Cee-Lo, now we know what the cameraman looks like

That is one magnificent mustache! (look closer)

Nice hustle blue team

There were at least five dunks during the game that were better than anything in the slam dunk contest

Dwight Howard tried to steal Jeremy Lin's head-bob, and failed miserably

Chris Brown and Nicki Manaj? Did the NBA learn nothing from the Grammys and the Super Bowl?

But hey, they scored a lot of points!

It's official, there was more music at the All-Star game than defence and hustle combined

Umm yeah, we have no idea. But we're sure the kids loved it.

Wait, is that defence?

Tisk, tisk. Paul Pierce will probably be fined for playing defence during the All-Star game

Yikes, this does not bode well for the future of Kevin Durant's hair (he is 23!)

The most relevant sports scene all night may have been Robert Downey Jr. Tebowing

Dwyane Wade actually had a hard foul on Kobe Bryant that left him bloody

So nobody plays defence for the first 47 minutes and then all of a sudden they care who wins?

LeBron passed up the final shot and it looked like Kobe and Carmelo Anthony gave him a hard time for not taking the rock

Thank god it's over and now we can get back to the Oscars

Now check out the best dunks from the All-Star Game Dunk Contest

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