Nazi Extras From "Valkyrie" Suing Cash-Poor United Artists For $11 Million

This probably isn’t the best time to look for a payout from United Artists, which isn’t feeling flush these days.

Nonetheless, 11 Nazi extras injured during the filming of “Valkyrie”, Tom Cruise’s Hitler epic, have chosen this unfortunate time to sue the studio for $11 million. ($1 million per Nazi, according to the maths wizards at Defamer.)

There is, however, a bright side to this lawsuit. Cruise wasn’t on the set that day, so there’s no way to tie him to the scandal. Except, say, by running a photo of him next to the story.

Der Spiegel: Falling out of a Nazi-era truck may have its benefits. Last summer, 11 extras in Tom Cruise’s Nazi biopic “Valkyrie” (also known as “Rubicon”) spilled out of the back of a World War II troop carrier as it swung around a corner in central Berlin. Now, the group is suing United Studios, in which Cruise also has a stake, for a total of $11 million (€7.4 million).

The accident happened almost exactly one year ago and saw all 11, still wearing their Wehrmacht uniforms, sent to the hospital with an array of injuries, ranging from bumps and bruises to broken ribs and pulled ligaments. One extra was kept in the hospital for four days on suspicion of internal injuries.

The actors fell onto the street when a fold-down side-rail on the bed of the truck — against which the thespians were leaning — failed. The group’s lawyer, Ariane Bluttner, says that United Studios knew that the trucks used in the filming were not entirely safe.

“The studio knew the trucks were rickety,” Bluttner told SPIEGEL ONLINE. “There had even been an internal memo about the railings.”

Bluttner said she has sent the first letter to United Studios outlining her complaint and will take further steps should they not respond or show unwillingness to reach a settlement. In order to win the lawsuit, Bluttner would have to prove malice on the part of the production company to override the waivers extras signed before hopping onto the truck. Cruise was taking a day off the set at the time of the accident.

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