Women At Biglaw Firms Have Made Almost No Progress In 7 Years

You’d think the status of women working at Biglaw firms would have improved at least marginally in the past seven years.

Well, you’d be wrong.

The National Association of Women Lawyers has been tracking the lives of Biglaw women for the past seven years and its most recent report, released this month, paints a pretty depressing picture.

The worst takeaway from the report is the fact that women still only make up 15 per cent of equity partnership.

Equity partners are part owners of the firm and are entitled to part of the firm’s profits.

And that dreaded 15 per cent hasn’t improved at all from the 2011 or the 2010 reports, according to The Careerist.

So it comes as no surprise women still aren’t nabbing the top spots. Only four per cent of the 200 firms surveyed had firm-wide female managing partners.

It was marginally, albeit only marginally, better last year when five per cent of firms reported having a female managing partner, according to The Careerist.

The report is full of similar maddening statistics. But we’re too depressed to go on, so we’ll let you check out the rest for yourself.

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