Navy Officer Accused Of Drunken Attack At Disney Likely Getting Kicked Out Of Flight School

We’re learning new details about the
alleged drunken rampageof a Navy Ensign at Disney’s Epcot Center in Orlando, Fla., earlier this month.

Aviator-in-training Ensign Austin DeVan Hill is likely getting kicked out of flight school after allegedly punching two park employees and assaulting another with a broken piece of PVC pipe before finally getting tackled by fellow service members, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Sailor Thomas Craig and Marine Jay Whittaker, junior enlisted troops and recent graduates of air traffic control school, held Hill down until police arrived.

Officers responding to the scene described Hill as “very intoxicated,” according to Navy Times.

“I’ve seen plenty of drunk people, being from a small town in Texas, but I’ve never seen someone so drunk that they would attack someone randomly,” Craig told The Sentinel.

Hill was charged with felony aggravated battery, felony battery and misdemeanour battery, and the incident is currently under investigation by the Navy.

A source speaking on condition of anonymity in flight school at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla., who attended the Naval Academy with Hill, told Business Insider that Hill was in training to become a helicopter pilot and will almost certainly be kicked out of the flight program.

The source said the squadron commander pulled all of the students and reminded them not to be stupid.

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