Here Comes A New Explosive With 5x The Power Of Any Substance Seen So Far


[credit provider=”AP”]

The U.S. Office of Naval Research announced the completion of a five-year development project resulting in an new explosive with five times the explosive power than any substance available today.According to BBC, the new high-density material is a mx of polymers and metals said to have the density of steel but the strength of aluminium.

Navy scientists claim that projectiles using the new explosive are less likely to kill innocent bystanders. Traditional armaments have an explosive charge within a steel casing, the new High-Density Reactive Materials (HDRM) is a single solid charge requiring no metal casing.

The HDRM doesn’t throw steel shrapnel like a traditional projectile and ignites a chemical explosion with a lot more energy than anything seen before.

The military is looking to use them in missiles, and any round larger than the M16 7.62 mm. One scientist involved with the project told the BBC, “[I]n higher calibre machine guns, they are definite possibilities.”

The new material is four times more costly than current armaments.

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