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Some nits to pick with the Times story on Brooklyn bloggers and “hyperlocal” blogging this weekend: Why did get a link but not (This may also be on the mind of Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson, who funded Steven Johnson‘s newest project). 

More picayune: Which Brownstoner creation myth are we now supposed to believe?…

The original, of course, came from a New York Observer profile last spring, which said that Brownstoner author Jonathan Butler had worked at a “mid-level job at a large Wall Street brokerage” until February, when he quit to run the (hyperlocal!) blog fulltime. But the NYT says Butler was a former “owner of a real estate company” prior to starting Brownstoner. Is it possible that both could be true? Yes. Is it possible that the authors and/or subject may have been in error? Sure. And is all of this a little obsessive? You betcha. Then again, it’s the nature of blogging, no?

Oh, and the main thesis of the piece certainly seems correct: Brooklyn sure does have a lot of bloggers. Some are better known than others, though.

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