The Naughtiest Retailers of 2012

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The Naughty List isn’t just for misbehaved kids — not in the world of retail anyway.With the help of Consumer Reports, we’ve compiled a list of the top naughty and nice companies of 2012.

Topping our naughty list are companies like BMW and Forever21 which have unfriendly practices liked fine print fees and fewer “extras.”

more difficult to work with this year than in the past.

Read more: like Nordstrom and Kohl’s, however, are applauded for their hassle-free returns and excellent customer service.

NAUGHTY: Forever21's return policies differ for in store and online purchases

Source: NPR

Source: NPR

NAUGHTY: BMW has stopped placing spare tires in their newest models

Source: NPR

Source: NPR

NICE: Nordstrom has free shipping and free returns, no questions asked

Source: NPR

NICE: Red Wing Shoe Company gives customers a 30-day comfort guarantee

Source: NPR

NAUGHTY: The 30 day return policy at Abe's of Maine is full of exceptions, including microwaves, watches, TVs, and laptops.

Source: NPR

NICE: Walmart has a new system that checks and matches prices from competing retail websites every 20 minutes

Source: AAM

NAUGHTY: Tiger Direct charges customers a 25% restocking fee for returns that don't completely match their qualifications

Source: wUSA9

NICE: The Home Depot hauls away your old appliances and helps install your new ones

Source: wUSA9

Now see which retailers are the nicest to work for

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