Natural makeup tutorial with Meghan Markle’s makeup artist

Celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin is known for creating beautiful, no makeup-makeup looks, like Meghan Markle’s wedding day makeup, which famously embraced her freckles. We caught up with him in New York, where he helped video producer Emma Fierbeerg get ready for her Friday night date by creating an easy, natural look. Martin recently partnered with Hilton as part of the Hilton Passport Project to ensure travellers have picture-perfect passports with the goal of encouraging the 60% of Americans without passports to apply for one. Following is a transcript of the video.

Daniel Martin: Hey, guys, I’m makeup artist Daniel Martin. And I’m gonna show my friend Emma here how to do a really easy, beautiful date night makeup. So I’m just gonna show you easy ways to kinda add a smoky eye with your finger and then also kinda like, cause I feel like you like to play up more of your eyes than your lips?

Emma Fierberg: Yeah.

Daniel: Perfect. What I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna add these tones of gold and some depth, ’cause you have really beautiful space in your eye but I’m gonna use it with my finger. So it’s super easy. I’m gonna take this warm amber, wanna close for me? And I’m just gonna go all over your lid with it. Open for me, ok. And then this darker tone right here is going on the corners. And makeup should be fun, it should be easy, and it should be effortless, especially if it’s a date. You don’t wanna look too done, but you wanna look finished. And when I work I tend to do the eyes first because all the clean-up that happens afterwards is easier. And I’m just gonna take a brush. Just kinda give you a bit more structure. Are you excited about your date?

Emma: Yes.

Emma: We met on an app, but what I think is unusual is that he called me.

Daniel: Oh, wow.

Emma: So we’ve actually heard each other’s voices. And he seems like a nice person.

Daniel: That’s amazing.

Emma: And normally I don’t wear makeup a ton, in my regular life, so I don’t like to set crazy expectations by wearing a ton of makeup, so this is good.

Daniel: Yeah, this will just give you just, you know it will make you look finished, it won’t make it look like you had your makeup done so to speak.

Daniel: ‘Cause, I mean, I think that you want the person to see you first.

Emma: Yeah. Do you know what I mean?

Emma: That’s exactly it. The most I’ll usually do is eyeliner and mascara and that’s it.

Daniel: Yeah, that’s perfect. So this is just elevating it. Exactly, exactly. And go ahead and open and look up for me. Right. And I’m just gonna take it into the bottom lash line, just in the outer corner.

Emma: I’ve never done that before. What colour are you using? Still this darkest one, yeah. Because also considering that it’s evening, the light’s gonna be low, you want a bit of depth in this area. And then I’m gonna take this eyeliner. I’m gonna go into your water line with it, so go ahead and open for me.

Daniel: And this pencil has a bit of gold in it. And I want you to really squeeze your eye. Because what happens is the tearing moves the liner, so it creates this really cool kind of smoky, smudgy, lived-in look.

Emma: Cool.

Daniel: And squeeze again.

Emma: Woo!

Daniel: Yeah, sorry, sorry.

Emma: That’s always my least favourite part.

Daniel: And open for me. And I’m gonna lift your lid up, but I’m gonna have you look down for me. Great, I’m just gonna come up this way.

Emma: Sorry.

Daniel: No, you’re fine.

Emma: I’ve never used a brown liner, I’ve always used black. Or I have this electric blue one that I put on the top sometimes.

Daniel: Oh, amazing.

Emma: That’s like, yeah, my makeup collection is not so–

Daniel: This eyeliner’s great because it has flecks of copper in it, so what it will do is it will pull a lot of the warmth out of your eye. Go ahead and look down for me and I’m just gonna take some mascara into your lashes.

Emma: Do you have any secrets for choosing a mascara? I’ve been using the same pink and green Maybelline since I was in dance recitals when I was five.

Daniel: I feel like mascara’s that one thing that girls have and that’s their mainstay favourite. So this one that I’m using on your now is Diorshow Overcurl. Because I really love how deep this gets. Amazing. And again you don’t want anything too big with your mascara. Yeah, it’s beautiful definition.

Emma: Do you ever put it on, I’ve seen people put it over the top.

Daniel: On the top. Your lashes tend to go down, so I think the weight of the mascara would just make it even heavier.

Emma: So it’s better to flip it up.

Daniel: It’s better to go up. And so what I’m gonna do now is I’m actually gonna use a bit of concealer just to kind of even you out.

Emma: I use bareMinerals, and it’s just a powder, and I feel like it doesn’t cancel out my dark circles enough.

Daniel: A lot of it, too, is placement. You wanna just balance you out in the center. I’m not even gonna take the concealer all the way up. Just gonna keep it right through here and I’m just gonna tap my pinky through it. So, I’m only taking your concealer to about here. You have such beautiful skin, too. I really want that to come through.

Emma: Thank you.

Daniel: Especially on your first date. You want them to see you, you don’t want them to see a mask, a face full of makeup. So now I’m just taking a highlighter and I’m just gonna top it off on the highest part of your cheek, ’cause you have incredible cheekbones, and this is just gonna give you a nice little pop. It’s not like a stripe of strobing or anything like that. It’s just gonna give you a bit of radiance. And I’m just gonna use this awesome pomade by Dior, just to give your lips some radiance. And it’s a nice kissable lip, if you know what I mean. Great, perfect. So I think this is good for a first date. You wanna look finished, you want definition. You don’t want to look so different. Good luck on your date tonight.

Emma: Thank you!

Daniel: Have fun.

Emma: I think I will.

Daniel: I hope you kiss him.

Emma: Stay tuned!

Daniel: Stay tuned!