Upload iPhone Photos Straight To Facebook With This Tweak

native facebook upload

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A native picture-uploading app has been debuted in Cydia, the jailbreak app store, which uploads pictures from your Camera Roll to Facebook with just a few taps.It’s called FBuploader, and it’s executed so beautifully that it looks like it’s been there all along.

Besides the fact that the upload button says “FaceBook,” that is.

The tweak is available in Cydia for $1.99.

Ordinarily, you’d have to go into the Facebook app, pick an album, tap the camera button, import a photo from your camera roll, type a description, and wait for the oft-buggy uploader to finish.

Blackberry users and WebOS users have had Facebook integration and photo uploads for a couple years now, and there has been a lot of speculation that Facebook would be integrated with iOS. These rumours died down a bit after rumours circled that a feature called “Photo Stream” would make its way into iOS 5.

Photo Stream would be let you see all your friends’ recent photos in one “feed,” and would directly compete with Facebook, so perhaps full Facebook integration will never come to fruition in iOS.

(Via 9to5 Mac)