These Are The Companies That Will Dominate The Post-Banner Advertising World

Investment banker Terence Kawaja of LUMA Partners passed along his latest chart on the ad tech world.

This chart looks at the world of native advertising, which is a hot topic right now. Over email, Kawaja explains, “Given how consumers ignore banner ads, these new consumer – friendly formats are proving to be the engine for how marketers can engage audiences, especially in social and mobile contexts.”

Kawaja’s charts are quite popular in the ad tech industry. They’re called LUMAscapes because they chart out the ad tech landscape. Kawaja himself is quite a character, as this photo of him in a racing suit shows.

Native advertising is tough to exactly define, but largely it’s brand advertising that isn’t in a banner ad. It can be content, or something that resembles a banner ad. It’s generally advertising that doesn’t sit on the side or top of a site. Instead, it’s in the stream of content, or at the bottom of content. (If you want more information, the IAB has a 20 page (!) PDF trying to explain it.)

Here’s a look at the industry from Kawaja’s perspective:

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