The Nationals Will Have Plenty Of Money To Land Prince Fielder Thanks To New TV Deal

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Prince Fielder entered free agency reportedly seeking a $200 million contract. And after some concerns that it wouldn’t happen, there is hope thanks to the Washington Nationals’ next television contract.According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Washington Nationals are going to “reset” its television contract that reportedly pays them $29 million per year. And according to Rosenthal’s sources, the Nationals’ new deal will be worth “double, triple, or more.”

And that means more money that can be thrown at Fielder. In fact, some now consider the Nationals the favourites to sign the power-hitting first baseman. And if that happens, Fielder would become the second big free agent this winter to benefit from a team’s new TV deal.

The Angels new TV deal helped them give Albert Pujols his brand new $254 million deal.