The Secret To Making The Greatest Grilled Cheese Sandwich You Will Ever Eat

National Sandwich Month in America!

In honour of this momentous occasion, I’ve agreed to reveal the secret for my exceptional grilled cheese sandwich.

Incredible grilled cheese doesn’t come from the bread or the cheese, although you could probably get ambitious when it comes to those.

The secret to the best grilled cheese is making an unconventional substitution that will fundamentally change the way you see cheese grilled between bread.


So let's deconstruct the grilled cheese sandwich. Nominally, you need bread and cheese that you then assemble and fry in butter. Basic, right?

We start with bread. This bread is not special -- I got it in a bodega, I think it is wheat.

Meet the game-changer of the grilled cheese: Mayonnaise. Weird, right? Now normally, I hate mayonnaise.

But let's take a look at what mayonnaise really is: Oil, eggs, and some seasoning. All tasty ingredients in their own right. And exactly the combination to make a grilled cheese sizzle.

So instead of frying it in butter, we're going to spread mayo on both slices of bread.

Now we're going to hit the panini press. See, when you cook the (gross) mayo it dissociates into its (delicious) constituent ingredients of oil, eggs and spices.

So throw one slice mayo-side down. Add cheese and bacon to taste.

Of course we're putting bacon on our grilled cheese. This is America.

Then, throw the top on.

This looks like some horrifying Midwestern nightmare now, but believe me, it gets better soon.

So, drop the lid on the panini press and let it cook for a bit, maybe 2-3 minutes.

Oh, this is looking great. Wow. See how the mayo has become fried egg?

So let's give it a flip and cook it for another few minutes to make sure the mayonnaise cooks completely.

When it's golden brown, it's done.

There you have it -- the best grilled cheese you will ever have. Happy National Sandwich Month!

That was easy. Want to make sandwiches on hard mode?

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