Senate GOP campaign arm cuts fundraising ties with Roy Moore after sexual misconduct allegations

  • A Washington Post report detailed several instances of sexual misconduct by GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore with teenagers.
  • The National Republican Senatorial Committee cut ties with Moore’s joint fundraising agreement.
  • The Republican National Committee, the Alabama GOP, and Moore’s campaign are still involved.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) severed ties to a joint fundraising agreement with Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore on Friday, after allegations against Moore of sexual misconduct with teenagers.

The joint committee filed with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) on Friday removed the NRSC from the agreement, which still features Moore’s campaign, the Alabama Republican Party, and the Republican National Committee.

The joint agreement previously included the NRSC and was formed after Moore won the runoff primary election earlier this year. It was meant as a way for the campaign to maximise its financial intake.

A Washington Post report on Thursday outlined several instances of sexual misconduct with teenagers by Moore. The allegations of advances from Moore on teenagers, including a 14-year-old when Moore was 32, were all on the record and corroborated by 30 different witnesses and sources.

The NRSC’s move comes less than 24 hours after a slew of Republicans called for Moore to step aside if the revelations are true.

“The recent allegations against Judge Moore are deeply troubling,” said RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney-McDaniel. “He should step aside if there is any truth to them at all.”

Several prominent Republicans, including Sen. John McCain and former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, called for Moore to step down immediately.

The RNC did not respond to request for comment on whether it would also be exiting the joint fundraising agreement.

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