The Incredible Winning Images From The 2013 National Geographic Traveller Photo Contest

The winners of the
2013 National Geographic Traveller Photo Contestwere just selected among some 15,500 entries taken by photographers all over the world.

From Brazil to Kenya, the winning pictures have captured stunning, quiet landscapes, surprising moments, and intimate scenes from cultural rituals.

Viewers' Choice Winner: Another Perspective of the Day (Location: South Sulawesi, Indonesia)

Merit Winner: Guanjiang Shou (Location: Taichung, Taiwan)

Merit Winner: Piano Play at Sunset (Location: Queenstown, New Zealand)

Merit Winner: The Tata Honda Sect (Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Merit Winner: Sakura / Cherry blossoms (Location: Seiunji-temple, Arakawa, Saitama, Japan)

Merit Winner: Children of Reindeer (Location: Mager√łya, Norway)

Merit Winner: Portrait of an Eastern Screech Owl (Location: Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia, USA)

Merit Winner: Lady in Water (Location: Bagan, Myanmar)

Third Place Winner: Say Cheese (Location: Masai Mara National Park, Kenya)

Second Place Winner: Thunderstorm at False Kiva (Location: Utah)

First Place Winner: Brazil Aquathlon (Location: Ponta Negra Beach, Manaus, Brazil)

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