National Geographic Suspends Instagram Account After Yesterday’s Controversy

national geographic suspends instagram
National Geographic’s announcement on Instagram.

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National Geographic has suspended its Instagram account due to the big snafu over the app’s revised terms of service.The magazine said (on Instagram, of course!) that it was concerned with the new language and may close the account for good. The Verge first discovered National Geographic suspended its account.

It appears that the folks behind National Geographic’s Instagram account, along with many others, think Instagram wants to sell their photos to advertisers. 

As Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom said in a blog post yesterday, that is not the case.

Let’s be absolutely clear about this. Instagram does not want to sell your photos. Yes, Instagram screwed up by not properly explaining the ToS change to the public from the start, but all the fuss is over nothing.

In his post, Systrom wrote that Instagram will make money by letting companies and brands pay to promote their own photos in your feed. It will only use your data to show how your Instagram friends are connected to that company or brand.

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