10 Shots In The Running For National Geographic's Photography Contest

National Geographic is currently accepting submissions for its
2013 Photography Contest, which will award prizes to the best entries in three categories: people, places, and nature.

First-place winners in each category will be published in National Geographic magazine, while the owner of the best photo overall will win $US10,000 and a trip to National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Entries will be accepted until Nov. 30. Submissions must be in digital format, and cannot have been altered or manipulated. More than 22,000 professional and amateur photographers from over 150 countries submitted photos for last year’s competition.

National Geographic shared some of the beautiful images currently in the running.

'While photographing hummingbirds in British Columbia I shot this male Rufous just as he fanned out to show his authority when another male Rufous appeared over my head.' -- Scott Bechtel

'In Lenin Park, set against the backdrop of the Hanoi Flag Tower which forms part of the Hanoi Citadel, Vietnamese children sparring in a game of badminton.' -- Justin Tiew

'Russia, Baikal Lake, cape Pokoyniki. The cape is one of the most interesting places at the shore of Baikal Lake. 'Pokoyniki' in Russian means 'dead men,' the legend tells about Buryat settlement, suddenly died of unknown disease. Another name of this cape, Pokoyniy, means 'quiet,' because of very quiet bay behind the cape. March, evening twilight, -20C.' -- Alexey Kharitonov

'While doing a photo shoot with my daughter and her friend in a skate park, one of the skateboarders, surprisingly, traveled to our side of the ramp with nothing other than a 'Don't move,' yelling across the way as a head's up! I heard him, the girls did not. Keeping their back-to-back cool ballerina pose, they didn't realise he was flying their way until he actually hit the ramp behind them. This picture is as real as they come. They were truly shocked and scared at that exact moment. Such a cool moment. Two pretty, pretty ballerinas shocked and appalled at the actions of an urban skateboarder. Priceless!' -- Dana Theil

'This picture was taken during my trip to Hamburg, Germany. When I went to the city center, suddenly I saw 1,600 styrofoam panda bear sculptures stand on display in front of Hamburg City Hall by a nature conservation organisation. This is part of the campaign to draw the attention to the fact that only 1,600 panda bears remain in the wild. The display has traveled to 25 other cities in Germany.' -- Teuku Firman

'The name of the nun is Suor Rosalba, which literally could mean Pink Sunrise. The hot sulphur waters of this lake made for an ideal early morning natural spa. I met Suor Rosalba as she was standing in the spa waters in the dark well before sunrise, we talked for a while and then the picture shows her leaving to go the first Mass of the day. Taken in Sirmione, Lake Garda, Italy.' -- Sergio Amiti

'We just want to move to search to the Leopard at that morning but we found a group of giraffes come toward a small lake and start drinking. It was a nice moment when the giraffe finished drinking and left a letter S with motion in the air.' -- Majed Ali

'We went to Cappadocia for the wonderful balloon trip on the land of beautiful horses. However, we didn't have a chance to enjoy ourselves on the balloon after 3 days waiting there due to the windy and cloudy weather in the morning. Never mind, we can still enjoy this lonely balloon trip of our own by flying it into this pretty sunset.' -- Mac Kwan

'New York City street at 8:38am.' -- Lorena Gonzalez

'Taken at Mishima town in Fukushima pref. The first train goes across the railway bridge through in morning mist. The train moves forward little by little slowly.' -- Teruo Araya

Want to see some more amazing photos?

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