Never mind the half-caf-no-whip-mocha-latte -- straight brewed coffee is FAR more popular

In honour of National Coffee Day, payments company Square crunched the numbers from their coffee shop customers to uncover:

  • The most popular coffee drinks
  • The prices that we pay for them
  • And the surprising state that tips their baristas really well.

Plain old brewed coffee is by far the most popular way to consume it. The latte comes in a distant second.

The most expensive cup o' Joe is a Mocha Java in New England. The least expensive is an Americano in the Rocky Mountains.

In the frigid state of North Dakota, people tip their baristas very well, on average 21%. 19-20% is pretty much the going rate.

During the week, the whole world is trying to get that cuppa java at 8:30 a.m. before work begins at 9. On the weekends, people grab their coffee just before 10 a.m.

Coffee rules in the morning, but tea is the go to drink in the afternoon. After noon, sales of coffee decline, while tea increases 45%.

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