QUIZ: Can You Identify These National Anthems?

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There will be 205 different countries competing in this year’s Summer Olympics.With the Opening Ceremony fast approaching, that’s a whole lot of national anthems blaring through the speakers of Olympic Stadium in London this Friday.

To get you ready for the upcoming games, we set up a quiz featuring the national anthems of the countries that are most likely to win gold at London.

Put your knowledge of national anthems to the test and see how many anthems you can match to the correct country.

Let's start with a simple one.

This anthem belongs to the United Kingdom -- the host country of this 17-day shindig

Technically, 'God Save the Queen' was never officially declared the 'national anthem' of the UK.

Instead, it's considered the 'royal anthem.'


This country officially adopted its national anthem in 1984....

Australia officially replaced 'God Save the Queen' as its national anthem with 'Advance Australia Fair' in 1984.


This country recently hosted a Winter Olympics...

Kimigayo (君が代) is Japan's national anthem

Kimigayo has been played as the national anthem of Japan since the early 1880s.

The Japanese government, however, never officially recognised it as the national anthem until 1999.


It took 100 years for this tune to become the official national anthem of this country...

The 'National Anthem Act of 1980' made 'O Canada' the country's official anthem

'O Canada' wasn't recognised as Canada's official national anthem until a century after it was written in 1880.

The 'National Anthem Act of 1980' adopted 'O Canada' as the nation's official anthem.

Before then, 'God Save the Queen' was technically Canada's national athem.


This country just elected a new President...

The Song of Marseille (La Marseillaise) belongs to France

'La Marseillaise' has quite the history.

It was adopted as the anthem of the French Republic in 1795, banned by Napoleon I, and reinstated again as the national anthem of France in 1879.


This country hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics AND co-hosted the 2002 World Cup

Aegukga (애국가) is the national anthem of South Korea

For whatever reason, South Korea loves to host huge international sporting events.

In addition to the 1988 Summer Games and 2002 World Cup, South Korea will also serve as host of the Winter Olympics in 2018.

This country has a ridiculously high unemployment rate...

The 'Marcha Real' was declared by King Carlos III as Spain's national anthem in 1770.

Over a century later, it was displaced as the Spanish anthem when the Second Spanish Republic took control of the government in 1931.

By 1939, though, the 'Marcha Real' was reinstated as the official national anthem of Spain.

Let's hope it doesn't take as long to fix Spain's 24.1% unemployment rate.


This country didn't officially recognise its current anthem until 2005...

'Il Canto degli Italiani' translates in English to 'The Song of the Italians'

'Il Canto degli Italiani' was chosen as Italy's provisional anthem in 1946.

It wasn't recognised as the nation's official anthem, though, until nearly 60 years later in 2005.

Source: and Swarthmore

The last time this country hosted an Olympics was in 1972...

'Deutschlandlied' was adopted as Germany's national anthem in 1922.

By 1945, though, the anthem was abolished when the Allies took control of Nazi Germany.

After the reunification of Germany in 1990, the 'Song of Germany' was reinstated as the nation's official anthem.


This country won 72 medals at the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008...

Russia won the third most medals at the last Summer Games

Officially recognised as the national anthem of Russia in late 2000, the 'National Anthem of the Russian Federation' has the least creative name of all the anthems in this quiz.


This country won a lot of medals during the last Summer Games...

The March of the Volunteers (义勇军进行曲) is China's national anthem

The March of the Volunteers had quite the turbulent run.

It was written in 1935, adopted as the Chinese anthem in 1949 when the Communists took power, forbidden during the Cultural Revolution, and restored as the nation's anthem in 1978 after Mao Zedong's death with different lyrics.

By 1982, the original lyrics of the March of the Volunteers were restored.


This country has won the most medals ever in Summer Olympics history...

If you didn't know which country that anthem belonged to...

... then you're probably not proud to be an American like these guys are.

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