Nationwide Ad Campaign Says 'Hipsters Deserve To Die'

hipster deserve to dieWatch out, Brooklyn.

Posters are being ripped off buildings in the streets of Chicago for a nation-wide advertising campaign that declares many people—from hipsters to crazy old aunts—“deserve to die.”“I think that’s very offensive to people who are animal lovers,” Shelli Williams told CBS Chicago, looking over a sign that reads “Cat lovers deserve to die.”

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The once-mysterious campaign that struck ire in the hearts of skinny jean wearing cat owners in cities including New York, Seattle, Chicago, and New Orleans, turned out to be a teasers for the Lung Cancer Alliance’s advertising strategy meant to break the stigma against victims of lung cancer. Wisconsin-based agency, Laughlin Constable, produced the creative.

Although the campaign’s website, titled “No one deserves to die,” was set to launch tonight at midnight, it went live early (perhaps due to confused reactions of passers-by).

The visually stunning site creates animations about lung cancer statistics by having visitors scroll down the page. Even though more people have lung cancer than prostate, breast and colon cancer combined, it has less federal research funding than any of them.

There are other confusing ad campaigns out there.

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