Nathan Myhrvold, major patent holder, says lobbying by tech giants threatens 'little guy' innovators

Earlier in his career, Nathan Myhrvold served as chief strategist and chief technology officer at Microsoft.

After he left Microsoft in 1999, he founded the firm called Intellectual Ventures.

Myhrvold’s extraordinary ability to explore new realms in technology and science is the foundation of Intellectual Ventures. Malcolm Gladwell wrote memorably about it in the New Yorker several years ago, describing how Myhrvold gathers all the smartest people he knows, across disciplines, and they have hours-long brainstorming sessions for new ideas. A remarkable number of the ideas are then patented.

To some critics, the company is cornering the market on ideas. On the latest episode of The Bottom Line with Henry Blodget, we asked Myhrvold about the state of US patents. In his eyes, he is fighting for the right of independent innovators who are up against the power of big business.

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