Nathan Lane says Harvey Weinstein attacked him at a birthday party for Hillary Clinton

Nathan Lane GettyGettyNathan Lane.

Following the recent sexual harassment allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein, which have led to the movie mogul being fired from his own company, more stories of Weinstein’s behaviour are trickling out.

Over the weekend, Broadway star Nathan Lane told Page Six that Weinstein physically attacked him at a birthday party for Hillary Clinton in 2000.

Lane was the emcee at the party — which was hosted by Weinstein, who is a longtime supporter of the Clintons — and after Lane told a comb-over joke about Rudy Giuliani, Weinstein allegedly threw Lane up against a wall.

“This is my f—king show, we don’t need you,” Weinstein then told Lane, according to Page Six.

“You can’t hurt me, I don’t have a film career,” Lane said back at Weinstein.

This is just the latest story to surface of Weinstein’s behaviour over the years.

Following the bombshell New York Times story last week — in which actress Ashley Judd, and other women, went on record to speak out against Weinstein — a reporter said Weinstein once put him in a headlock, and a TV journalist alleged that he masturbated in front of her.

On Sunday, the board of The Weinstein Company released a statement stating it had terminated his employment.

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