Nate Marquardt Tested Positive For High Testosterone

Well the Nate Marquardt mystery has been solved. Nate Marquardt finally broke his silence today and revealed the Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour exactly what the circumstances were that resulted in being fired by the UFC.

If you were in the camp that guessed that Marquardt tested positive for a performance enhancing drug than you would be correct! Marquardt was flagged for high levels of testosterone. Marquardt says he needed hormone replacement therapy which is why he increased his hormone levels. Sound familiar?

Marquardt told Helwani that he noticed a change in his body last August. Marquardt then received clearance from his personal physician to begin hormone replacement therapy. He also told Helwani that he was approved for his testosterone therapy by the New Jersey State Athletic Commission prior to his UFC 128 fight against Dan Miller.

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