This Instagram star just raised over $13,000 to take stunning photos of the American desert

Nate Cowlishaw, a Utah photographer with over 50,000 Instagram followers, has made a name for himself by focusing on a unique area: the American desert.

Now, he wants to go on a 9,500 mile, three month journey to cap off his desert project. To do so, he launched a Kickstarter project that’s raised over $US13,000 (it ends on Sunday).

From the top of the Grand Canyon to dead wild animal shots, Cowlishaw’s work is definitely worth a look, especially if you’ve never been to the southwest desert.

Beaver Falls in Havasupai, Grand Canyon

Light pollution from power plant near Page, Arizona

Abandoned house in Lund, Utah, illuminated with LED lights

Wild raven in Escalante National Monument, Utah

A dead cow off the side of the highway wearing leather boots in Southern Utah. He discovered it this way.

Quiet moment in Monument Valley, Arizona

A windy overlook in Canyonlands, Utah

Farmer's field in Enoch, Utah

Sleeping dog at Taos, Pueblo, New Mexico

A friendly dog on the Havasupai Indian Reservation in Grand Canyon

Havasu Falls in the middle of the night, Grand Canyon, Arizona

The 'extraterrestrial highway' near Area 51 in Southern Nevada

Lund Road, Southern Utah

Juniper Bonsai, Iron County, Utah

Car stack in a slot canyon reinforcing a Utah highway - 'Redneck Flood Control'

Suguaro National Park near Tucson, Arizona

The Subway in Zion National Park, Utah

Cowpies in horse corral, Iron County, Utah

Top of Toroweap in Grand Canyon -- those feet are hanging over a 3,500 drop to the Colorado River.

The top of Toroweap, Grand Canyon, Arizona

Light pollution of Las Vegas illuminating the clouds in Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada

Looking out of a broken window from a junked van

Dead Juniper Claw in Grand Staircase National Monument in Utah.

Abandoned trailer near the ghost town of Lund, Utah

Along the train tracks in Lund, Utah

Bosque Redondo -- the Navajo 'Place of Suffering' in northern New Mexico

Goosenecks of the San Juan River, Southern Utah

Enoch Ranch Road, Iron County, Utah

Starry night outside Grand Staircase National Monument in Utah.

Upper Navajo Falls in Havasupai, Grand Canyon

Now that you've seen a desert photographer...

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