Natalie Portman explains how she keeps her private life totally private

In an era when it can seem like celebrities post every mundane detail of their lives on social media, Natalie Portman is fine being on the sidelines.

“It feels like the last thing you want to do,” Portman told Business Insider with a laugh of sharing one’s personal life online. “It’s so much unwanted interest in your privacy that you don’t want to invite anymore.”

Portman, who’s promoting her new movie that she directed, “A Tale of Love and Darkness,” knows a little something about prying eyes. She’s lived in the public spotlight since she was a pre-teen starring in her first movie, “Léon: The Professional,” an under-the-radar action hit in the ’90s.

Growing to become one of the most sought-after young stars in the business (she was lured into the “Star Wars” prequels), she always distanced herself from her hard-partying contemporaries, often staying clear of the paparazzi and rarely talking about her dating life.

In other words, the kind of things today’s young celebrity is more likely to boast about on Instagram.

However, Portman finds it fascinating how open Millennials are about what they do in their lives.

“It is interesting just generationally that you see that people are much more comfortable, and that’s part of life now for this next generation of actors and just people in the world,” she said.

But the mishaps that can come from that transparency remind her why she’s stayed clear.

“You see the amount of bullying and negativity that goes on that is really, really intense, and I feel lucky that I came of age before all of that came on,” Portman said.

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