Natalie MacLean’s Free Wine App Is Noteworthy


Linda Kissam of the WineBuzzzz and the IFWTWA shares with CityRoom editors how this free wine app has helped simplify her wine shopping conundrums when on the go.  Now, if only drinking wine on the go were a little bit easier… I mean legal.

I tend to go on overload when I walk into a wine store if I don’t have a “buy” list. Yes it can be fun to whirl and twirl my way through racks and racks of wine, but in the end I need to purchase some great wines and get on with my life. So I am thanking wine guru Natalie MacLean for her new wine app.

It’s now possible to walk into a wine store, whip out your smartphone, point and click at the bar code on a bottle label and presto: the tasting note, score, pairings and recipes for that wine appear as if by magic – and more importantly – it’s  free!


Here’s what you can expect:
– Instantly access tasting notes, scores, prices, recipes

– Search 150,000 wines at liquor stores across the country

– Track your purchases in your virtual cellar with just a few clicks

– Create a wine journal with your own wine notes and pictures

– Share your wines and pairings on Twitter and Facebook

– 380,000 food & wine pairing suggestions

– Directory of 10,000+ wineries

It’s relevant, sharp and user-friendly, with engaging tips, real-time wine reviews, and of course highly entertaining.

Takes about 30 seconds to download, so you’re ready to roll this weekend.  Got a Droid? Be patient, it’s on its way. Get the BlackBerry app here.  Click here to see screen shots of the app.