This Longtime Tech Exec Just Left PayPal To Help Take The Pain Out Of Doing Your Taxes

Nat Rajesh Natarajan

Despite the payout at the end, doing taxes is stressful and tedious.

“Nat” Rajesh Natarajan — who’s been working in the tech world for 20 years — wants to help convert people to TurboTax, the tax software service that he’ll now be leading as CTO and vice president of product development and management.

“People are nervous because they think doing taxes is complex and challenging,” Natarajan told Business Insider. “We want to make sure that people have confidence that they can actually do their taxes and have a great, frictionless experience.”

Natarajan joins Intuit’s TurboTax after a long stint as an executive at PayPal, where he served in multiple roles, including vice president of global product development and vice president of platform engineering and operations. Before PayPal, he worked at SabreHolding and helped get Travelocity off the ground. In short, he has tons of experience in building tech products that seem simple and are easy-to-use for consumers, but that solve enormous, complex engineering challenges.

Natarajan joined TurboTax right at the end of a successful tax season, where the company saw a 9% increase in the total number of eFiles that it accepted. He says that the next eight or so months before the start of 2015 filing will be spent looking at customer feedback and new technological opportunities — like focusing on mobile and ways to use big data — to ultimately make TurboTax an even better product.

“It’s that challenge that really attracted me,” he says.