Nassim Taleb's Six Rules For Succeeding In Life

Nasim Taleb

Black Swan and Antifragile author Nassim Taleb’s six rules for success, just posted to his Facebook page:

Success in all endeavours is requires absence of specific qualities.

1) To succeed in crime requires absence of empathy,

2) To succeed in banking you need absense of shame at hiding risks,

3) To succeed in school requires absence of common sense,

4) To succeed in economics requires absence of understanding of probability, risk, or 2nd order effects and about anything,

5) To succeed in journalism requires inability to think about matters that have an infinitesimal small chance of being relevant next January, 

…6) But to succeed in life requires a total inability to do anything that makes you uncomfortable when you look at yourself in the mirror.

As always, these are just heuristics. A brief explanation from earlier this month:

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