The Absurdly Arrogant Tweets Of Nassim Taleb


Photo: Twitter

With his books The Black Swan and Fooled By Randomness, Nassim Taleb has earned a cult following by skewering those who think they know what they’re doing.His fans love his biting critiques of bankers, politicians, writers, and anyone else who dares express some confidence or ability.

Of course, embedded in this mentality (that all smart people are dumb) is a deep type of arrogance, one that Taleb shows off in spectacular fashion on his much-followed Twitter feed (@nntaleb).

Here we present you with some of the best >

Journalists make me feel dirty.

(Quite a funny thing to say on Twitter, no?)

Thinking is for showing off.


Business folk are all scoundrels.

CNBC journalists are idiots.

Nobel prize guy is an idiot.

Education is bad for you.

I trust prostitutes more than bankers.

Never trust a wage slave (and, oh ook, I use other alphabets in my Tweets!)

Oh really?

Well, this one is probably true.

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