Nassim Taleb: I Can't Believe I Live In A World Where Bernanke Could Be Reappointed

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Nassim Taleb is stunned. Stunned!

He’s stunned that he lives in a world where a fool like Ben Bernanke will likely be reappointed to serve another term as Fed chair.

Why? Is it because he mishandled the crisis?

No, nothing that concrete.

He writes at HuffPo:

What I am seeing and hearing on the news — the reappointment of Bernanke — is too hard for me to bear. I cannot believe that we, in the 21st century, can accept living in such a society. I am not blaming Bernanke (he doesn’t even know he doesn’t understand how things work or that the tools he uses are not empirical); it is the Senators appointing him who are totally irresponsible — as if we promoted every doctor who caused malpractice.

But, he has a plan:

No news, no press, no Davos, no suit-and-tie fraudsters, no fools. I need to withdraw as immediately as possible into the Platonic quiet of my library, work on my next book, find solace in science and philosophy, and mull the next step. I will also structure trades with my Universa friends to bet on the next mistake by Bernanke, Summers, and Geithner. I will only (briefly) emerge from my hiatus when the publishers force me to do so upon the publication of the paperback edition of The Black Swan.

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