NASCAR Truck To Be Sponsored By The Tea Party

tea party racing

Chris Lafferty‘s #89 NASCAR Camping World Series truck will feature a Tea Party website as a primary sponsor starting on the week of July 4th.

The truck will be promoting through 2012 and they’ve dubbed it “We The People’s” truck. Its manufacturer, colour, and design are all to be determined by “the people,” whatever that means. 

Lafferty Motorsports plans to start the truck for the first time on July 7th at Kentucky Speedway.

Tea Party Racing identifies itself as an affiliate of and its website states that the organisation is “Racing for Freedom and Liberty to Preserve the American Dream” and that part of its mission is to aid in “restoring the importance of understanding the Constitution for America’s future.” 

Still not patriotic enough for you?  Lafferty’s truck will have a copy of the US Constitution adorned on its hood.