Wild finish in NASCAR truck race as one driver wins by shoving opponent way off the track and into a wall


John Hunter Nemechek passed Cole Custer on the final turn of overtime at Sunday’s race in Buffalo but not without some of the craziest race bumping you’ll ever see to win a race.

Coming into the final turn, Custer had the lead, having led 39 of the 66 laps in the 250-mile race. But’s that when things started to get wacky.

Nemechek tried to fake to the outside and pass on the inside. Custer was having none of it and blocked the move. So Nemechek took matters into his own bumper, pushing Custer from aside and creating some space to pass on the right.

Now, less than a hundred yards from the finish line, Nemechek shoves Custer’s car all the way over onto the grass and against the wall.

The two drivers cross the finish line in the grass! Nemechek crosses the line slightly ahead of Custer who was still pinned up against the wall!

Officials reviewed the finish and gave the win to Nemechek.

After the race, Nemechek dropped the old cliche, “rubbin’s racing.”

“I caught the double-zero there and we didn’t wreck him for the win,” Nemechek said. “Rubbin’s racing, but if I would have been in the same spot, he would have done the same thing to me to get a win.”

Needless to say, Custer and his crew weren’t to pleased with how the race ended. Here is Custer taking down Nemechek after the race in a bit of a scuffle that was quickly subdued.


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