SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Ends 4-Year Winless Drought, Still Chasing Dad

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. ended a string of 143 straight races without a win when he took the checkered flag yesterday at Michigan International Speedway.

It is a huge win for NASCAR’s most popular driver. But what is curious about the four-year drought, is that Dale Jr.’s career went cold at about the same time his dad’s career took off.

By the age of 33, Dale Earnhardt only had 11 career wins, while Dale Jr. already had 18. But from age 33 through 36, dad won 20 times while Dale Jr. went winless.

Here is how the two careers stack up side-by-side. And besides the recent lack of wins, Dale Jr. is holding his own…

Dale Earnhardt Jr

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