NASA's Dawn space probe has found another mystery feature on the dwarf planet Ceres

The latest view of the spots on Ceres. Picture: NASA/JPL

NASA is no closer to solving the puzzle of the “white spots” on Ceres, and now its space probe Dawn has found a random mountain on the dwarf planet.

Ceres abides in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Dawn was launched in 2007 and entered orbit around Ceres in March.

Since then, it’s been photographing and mapping the dwarf planet, with onlookers particularly interested in the bright white spots inside a 92km wide crater.

Despite Dawn spiralling ever closer to the surface, the team back on Earth are still no closer to figuring out what the spots are, with ice or some kind of volcanic action being the likely candidates.

But here’s the new feature that has them puzzled:

A 5000m mountain where there shouldn’t be one. Picture: NASA/JPL

Estimated to be around 5000m high, the mountain hasn’t a single other mound in sight to keep it company.

The image was taken from an altitude of 4400km with a resolution of 410m per pixel. You can see more of the latest Ceres images from Dawn over at NASA’s website.

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